Wildstar MMO in open beta for limited time, exclusive loot detailed


Today, Wildstar is entering into an open beta. The beta will give players a chance to check out Carbine Studios upcoming MMO, which is due to release on June 3rd on PC. Anyone can download the beta and participate for the next ten days (May 8th – May 18th).

Players who participate in the beta will be able to score exclusive loot by logging into the beta just one time. For those who only play the beta once, they’ll receive the Highwayman Costume, gear that Carbine says will never be available again. For those who play the beta multiple times throughout the 10 day period, they’ll earn Boom-Boxes with random rewards inside. These can be opened every 24-hours starting at launch. Wildstar Beta participants will get three Boom-Boxes every day that they log-in for the beta.

Wildstar is a pay to play experience. When the new MMO launches on June 3rd, you’ll have to had purchased the game client to play. On the game’s pre-order page, there are three variations to choose from. Standard Edition ($59.99) Deluxe Upgrade ($15.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition ($74.99).

Wildstar Beta MMO

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018

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