Xbox Game Pass January 2022 Games: All Console and PC Additions


Microsoft has been gradually evening the playing field against Sony thanks to their ongoing Game Pass subscription service. Being such a highly consumer-friendly service, players who own an Xbox or a PC are given access to a Netflix-like selection of games to play with reasonable monthly or yearly prices. Quite often, there are new releases that come with the service. Now that the new year has just kicked off, let’s see what games we can expect on Xbox Game Pass in January 2022.

Xbox Game Pass January 2022 games lineup

So far, there are only three confirmed titles coming in the month of January:

The Anacrusis (Xbox, PC)

This is perhaps the most interesting game of this light lineup. The Anacrusis is a first-person shooter where you and three other teammates fight through hordes of aliens aboard a stranded starship in space. This game touts an “infinitely-replayable” mechanic where each run will be different, thanks to its AI Driver.

If this sounds all too familiar, think of games like Left 4 Dead or last year’s Back 4 Blood. The Director in those games is identically mirrored here in the Anacrusis. Enemy spawns, bosses, weapons, and other gadgets will not have the same spawns in subsequent runs.

This game is slated to release on January 13, 2022, for Xbox One and Series consoles and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and the Microsoft Store. The game will also support cross-play between the aforementioned platforms.

Pupperazzi (Xbox, PC)

If you want something a bit more relaxed and cute, look no further than Pupperazi. This game has the player taking photos and playing with virtual canines. You can play fetch with them or dress them up, then snap a nice photo to keep those memories. As you play, you’ll upgrade your equipment for better photos by adding after-effects like filters and using different lenses. You can even go as far as sharing these photos online!

Pupperazi is set to release on January 20, 2022, for Xbox One and Series consoles and PC.

Windjammers 2 (Xbox, PC)

If you turn the intensity of Pong up to 11, this is what Windjammers 2 is. It’s a top-down frisbee game with a variety of characters to choose from. The way the team at Dotemu describes it is “Pong mixed with Street Fighter”, and it shows. The characters are from all different sorts of nationalities, with their own flashy moves, techniques, and quirks.

This is a direct sequel to the original 1994 Windjammers back in the classic arcade days. 28 years later and a sequel is finally on the horizon.

Windjammers 2 is set to release on January 20, 2022, for Xbox One and Series consoles, PC, and PlayStation. It’ll be free on Game Pass when it comes out.

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