Monster Hunter Rise: How to Hide Helmet and Armor Pieces


The latest Monster Hunter game has been ported to PC, and with it comes a slew of new content – including new chances for fashion. Monster Hunter Rise armor sets provide players with numerous bonuses and abilities. Players worried about messing up their look don’t need to worry; layered armor for every set becomes available as you progress further into the game. But if you want to show your face or hide a specific piece of armor, Rise allows for that, as well.

How to Hide Monster Hunter Rise Armor Pieces

Unlike in previous titles, Monster Hunter Rise armor is heavily customizable. You can even hide your weapons outside of quests and the training area. Just note that these settings are universal; they automatically apply to layered armor, and they aren’t saved between layered or equipment loadouts. In other words, if you change your loadout and want to hide or show different equipment pieces, you’ll need to do so manually.

Changing what’s displayed on your armor set is simple:

  • Head to any Item Box in Kamura, or use the Item Box while on a quest or expedition by visiting your camp.
  • Choose Manage Equipment, then Equipment Display.
  • Choose the armor pieces you wish to hide or show.

That’s it! If you want to change your selection in the future, just follow these steps again. You can also do this for your Palamutes and Palicos by using the Buddy Board; the Equipment Display will let you choose from every hired Buddy you have. The game should autosave each time you change these settings, but in case you want to be sure, check out our guide on how to save your progress manually.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch and on PC. The PC version can be found exclusively on Steam, for a current price of $59.99 USD.

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